Green Weekend is about making green the new black. In ProOwnedCycling, we want to point out that all of the purchases made on Black Friday pollute and emit a lot of CO2, unless you take a few precautions. Further down we give you five tips for turning your black weekend into a green weekend. Read more about what Green Friday means to us and you as a customer.

In 2020, ProOwnedCycling will donate 10% of the profits to the charity, Fundación Esteban Chaves.

"Black Friday" in Denmark 2019 broke all records

According to DR and Nets, Black Friday 2019 became a record day for Danish online shopping. At the same time, there was a counter movement of companies that didn't promote extraordinary sales on Black Friday, including IKEA. Thus, it may seem contradictory when some go all in while others do not celebrate this day. It's all about understanding the climate footprint that one puts on the planet when buying more and thus consuming the resources of the earth and its energy sources.

When we as consumers transfer our money to companies on Black Friday, we set a large-scale system in motion, which must be implemented through a lot of actors. These actors concerns the suppliers of the packages, the banks that have to transfer your money, etc. Note that this is only when we count online shopping in the mix, taking in-store purchases into account adds up to even more transactions. The whole transaction process happening on Black Friday creates a great deal of pressure on all parties involved who are ultimately detrimental to the environment and the climate. It thus gives a black climate footprint on the climate.

Think green - not black

In light of all the negative consequences that our massive over-consumption of the earth's resources has (marked by the annual Earth Overshoot Day), there is a need to think about consumption in a more green way an sustainable way. This means that we must avoid putting more strain on our planet and its ecosystems.

If we think green, we can begin to act green, and that will lead to changed habits that promote both the earth's and our own interests. You can join in when you participate in this global backlash to Black Friday. 

In this weekend we will donate 10% of the money earned for the benefit of children in Columbia through FUN Esteban Chaves. The professional cyclist Esteban Chaves says this:

"I am confident that the greatest things happen with teamwork and that is exactly what we are doing with this campaign. It is amazing to know that through Proowned, riders around the world can support FUN Esteban Chaves to keep multiplying smiles among children and youth in Colombia". 


Sustainability is the new black

Sustainability has a central place in our company's DNA. We make our customers' choice of products a sustainable one, where price is important, but the history of the product, its outstanding functionality and unique identity counterweighs the product's factual value.

The sustainability of the products is thus both their unique identity over time, but also their improved durability over time, because the materials of our products are some of the best on the market. All these factors taken into account, we sell a product where you can see yourself in the product and the product becomes a part of a larger context - it is about improving our use of the earth's resources and creating a sustainable environment where we avoid to buy and throw away.

We are now taking a look at five tips to make your Black Friday Green Friday.

5 tips to make your Black Friday a Green Friday

1) Buy second-hand

One of the most effective strategy - where you can both shop and have a green conscience - is if you buy second-hand. It can either be in a thrift store or in an online store like ours. Many second-hand stores have unique items that are incredibly difficult to find elsewhere.

2) Buy sustainable products

We have already mentioned this, but sustainable products that can be used for a long time and created with particularly robust materials or organic methods are some of the most sought-after items you can buy on Green Friday.

Each one pays attention to how the company in question describes their goals with the company, as well as how the products have come into the world. The more explicit and articulate the company's strategy is presented, the more likely they are to make an appeal.

3) Buy your goods locally

A third way to make this day more sustainable is to shop locally in your local area. For example, if you live in an area that has smaller businesses with sustainable and locally produced goods, you can support them. The Corona pandemic shows us that most people wants to support the local environment and are willing to help local businesses survive.

If you find a small company where they sell sustainable, locally produced goods, you are helping to support the notion of Green Friday, and thus shifts the focus away from the market leaders, which focus extensively on making more money.

4) Repair your things

Some of the most sustainable you can have is something you already have in advance. That means you can spend your Friday fixing your own things and giving them new life.

Actually this day already exists. It is referred to as ‘White Monday’. On this day, the focus is on repairing some thing or repairing your things, instead of you buying new things. You may need to repair your bike, send it for repair, sew your pants or other clothing, and much more. It is up to you to come up with your own ideas. 

5) Think about your consumption - do a green deed instead

The easiest and most simple answer, and what the planet really need is: that you do not change your buying habits.

If you can control yourself and avoid buying more than usual, you will be a customer who say no to overconsumption on Black Friday, and instead you want the green alternative, Green Friday.

ProOwnedCycling's initiatives during Green Weekend

As a special initiative during Green Weekend, we are collaborating with the fantastic charity 'Fundacion Esteban Chaves' to donate 10% of all our profits during Green Weekend to their work for the good cause of children in Colombia.

If you sign up for our newsletter, you get a 10% discount on all pro-owned clothes and selected items until Monday midnight!

We wish you an amazing Blac ... I mean GREEN WEEKEND!


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