Former Danish track cycling champion Jesper Mørkøv has joined ProOwnedCycling, where he works with indexing goods. It’s especially interesting for Mørkov to work with the unique equipment from the pro teams. 

30-year-old Jesper Mørkøv has a great cycling career behind him, where he was a rider for Trefor and Riwal Platform. Besides this, he has won several Danish championships on the track and in 2016 he won the legendary Danish track race Seksdagesløbet.

Today he is a cycling commentator at the Danish Eurosport, works at ProOwnedCycling two days a week, and runs MSEVEN with his brother Michael Mørkov where they sell socks and clothes to cyclists. Since April 2020, Mørkøv has helped ProOwnedCycling keep track of the warehouse.

- It is an innovative and fast moving company where you are allowed to play with exciting products. I am a cycling nerd, and therefore it is appealing to work with unique frames and wheels, which are developed for professional teams.

Mørkøv notes that he has been surprised at how much work it takes to run a webshop. You can find a variety of frames that the former Danish champion helps indexing here.


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