- Cycling gear from the professionals

It all started with one idea

In 2015, Oscar Bjørn-Rosager got a good idea. The idea was to offer Danish cycling exercisers and fans the cycling clothing that the professional cycling teams were no longer allowed to wear. He had been a part of cycling for several years and discovered that every year the pro teams were left with excess equipment and clothes that needed replacement due to new sponsors.

Together with the professional cycling industry, Oscar invented a solution that creates a more sustainable consumption and production pattern in modern cycling. Everyone interested could now get hold of the unique professional cycling clothing - without it costing a fortune. The first cycling clothing sold was from the professional cyclist, Casper Pedersen, who was also co-founder the first year. In addition to recycling the clothes, the sustainable idea has meant that the Danish company, together with the professional cycling teams, has saved the globe a water consumption of two million litres of water per year.

From basement to international bike shop

The concept expanded in 2016 with a professional webshop. Since then, the idea has grown in the rest of the world with sales above 75 countries. ProOwnedCycling started as a basement company and moved to more extensive facilities just outside Copenhagen in start 2019, where there are a warehouse, office and showroom.

The expansion of the company is partly because Oscar's idea has given many of the professional cycling teams an extra opportunity for income combined with a joint effort towards solving world goal 12. The concept of the redundant cycling clothing has become so good for all parties that ProOwnedCycling has expanded the range so that it consists of casual clothes, equipment, accessories and bikes from the big cycling teams you know from the Tour de France. Most items are original and purchased directly from the professional cycling teams - and the best part is that most of them are still brand new.

What do we believe in?

We want to do away with the cycling industry's focus on the fact that price and quality often go hand in hand. For many years, the industry had to be expensive to be good. Our business idea offers the opposite: the quality is top-notch, and the price decreased so we can make a lot of cycling enthusiasts and fans around the world happy - every single day. At the same time, we add value to pro teams, sponsors and the cycling sport itself and a new sustainable initiative.

Besides, we dream of becoming part of a sustainable world, so that together we can create a green future for the next generations. When you shop with us today, you save the globe a lot of resources and help solve world goals 12.5. We are very grateful for that, and we are happy that together with you and the pro teams we can create more efficient use of the earth's natural resources. We wish you a satisfactory experience at ProOwnedCycling and on the roads.

- Oscar & Casper

Cycling gear from pro teams and cyclists

Here is a selection of our pro team partners. We sell pro team cycling clothing for World Tour, Pro Continental and Continental teams. We cooperate with well-known pro teams like Team Sky, Dimension Data, Israel Cycling Academy, Mitchelton-Scott and many more.