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BIB shorts - Sportivo 2.0 - Marcello Bergamo


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Brand new BIB shorts Sportivo 2.0 from Marcello Bergamo. These BIB shorts are an exclusive pro edition of the regular top ...
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Brand new BIB shorts Sportivo 2.0 from Marcello Bergamo.

These BIB shorts are an exclusive pro edition of the regular top model from Marcello Bergamo. This means that the BIB shorts have a quality that you can't buy normally in stores.

These BIB shorts and the matching jersey are overproduction in relation to the delivery of the clothing to the association Wir Fuer Yannic's participation in MTB during Cape Epic.
The German Association is working to promote awareness of the Depression in Africa.

This is Marcello Bergamo's best and most technical BIB shorts in the professional top quality SPORTIVO 2.0.

The BIB shorts consist of 3 different lycra types, of which Thunder is the most characteristic of our top quality. The belts are flat and made of breathable elastic material. The shorts have 7.5 cm. laser cut preformed elastic finish with silicone, which ensures that the shorts fit perfectly. The lycra at the belly is laser cut, which makes the shorts extremely comfortable. Flatlock stitching ensures maximum comfort.

The pad:

The pad consists of 3 different foam thicknesses and developed specifically for extra-long bike rides. The insert represents the latest technology and features an innovative 3-dimensional saddle shape that provides a perfect fit and greater saddle stability. The carbon microfibre surface helps to make the insert antistatic and antibacterial. The foam thicknesses are soft transitions around the central area, providing a perfect fit between the groin and the inside of the thigh. By using 3 different foam thicknesses, you get the best support where needed.


  • Brand new in original packaging.
  • Exclusive pro top edition
  • African charity project
  • Raw 75
  • Flatlock function
  • Laser-cut edge
  • Comfortable and breathable

The matching SS jersey for these BIB shorts is "Aero SS jersey - Sportivo 2.0 - Marcello Bergamo".

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