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Continental Competition Pro LTD - RBX tubular tire


SKU: TUB-N-12650/TUB-15647

Condition: New

Brand new Continental Competition Pro LTD - RBX tubular tire. This particular tubular tire is the extremely rare Pro Limit...
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Brand new Continental Competition Pro LTD - RBX tubular tire.

This particular tubular tire is the extremely rare Pro Limited version. This is a special version only supplied to sponsored pro teams, and they are normally not available in public cycling stores.

Pro Limited is considered as the holy grail of tubular tires, and even teams who are not sponsored by Continental, sometimes use them in an unbranded version for the most important races.

The main difference between the regular competition tubular and the Pro LTD is that this tubular features a latex inner-tube, which makes the tire even lighter and improves grip and puncture resistance.

The RBX tire is a short-term for "Roubaix" and is specifically made for cobblestone races. The tire has features like extra puncture protection and thicker rubber. These features also make the tire heavier and more popular in the pro races with bad roads. This tire is often seen on the great cobbled classic races like the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. The tire is only made with the regular competition tread but made with extra strengthened sidewalls. The RBX is the heaviest and strongest tire among the Pro LTD family.

Furthermore, these RBX tubular tires have been aged in storage for a pro team for several years, so they are therefore ready to race. This is a process that pro teams use because it improves the resistance of the tires to punctures by making the rubber drier and therefore less able to pick up small rocks from the road.


  • Brand new (Without OEM packaging)
  • Rare Pro Limited edition
  • RBX edition with competition tread.
  • Only made for and used by pro teams
  • Tubular ready
  • Special latex inner-tube inside
  • Extra puncture-resistant and thicker rubber
  • Long storage aging
  • Measure: standard 28" tubular road wheels
  • Weight: 435 g (28mm) 
  • Used for: Cobbled classics like Paris-Roubaix.

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