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Craft BIB shorts Infinity pad - Bora Hansgrohe

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Brand new cycling BIB shorts from Craft. These BIB shorts with Infinity pad originate directly from the World Tour Team, B...
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Brand new cycling BIB shorts from Craft. These BIB shorts with Infinity pad originate directly from the World Tour Team, Bora Hansgrohe* and are made for the 2017 season.

The BIB shorts fit perfect on the legs and the comfortable straps make them even better. At the bottom of the trousers there are small dots of silicone, ensuring that the bibs are perfectly seated where you put them.

It is Craft's top model, which is custom made for the World Tour Team, Bora Hansgrohe, which means these BIBs are of the highest quality. The shorts are breathable, which ensures good comfort even during sweaty rides.

The pad:

The pad is Craft's popular Infinity pad. The pad is made with Craft's own patented technology, developed with special attention on unaffecting blood flow. The pad is at the same time heat regulating, ensuring that it stays warm during cold days, but at the same time breathable, so it is still comfortable during warmer conditions.


  • Comfortable and with heat-regulating pillow
  • Infinity pad
  • Breathable
  • Silicone dots on the bottom of the legs
  • Original pro team cycling clothing
  • New and original packaging.

Why Craft Infinity BIB shorts?

These BIB short can, with their specially designed pad, ensure you the best comfort during rides. The BIB shorts are made by the Swedish brand Craft, which is known to deliver top quality clothing for all seasons.

*Bora Hansgrohe is a World Tour Team, which means that they compete at the highest level in the cycling world, for instance at the Lé Tour De France. Bora Hansgrohe has several profiles on their team, one of which is the three-time World Champion Peter Sagan.

*Some BIB shorts have very small blemishes where some print has gone through, but it’s only cosmetic and since all the clothes come straight from the world tour team, it’s exactly the same BIB shorts as the riders have used themselves.

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