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Assos Short Sleeve RX Warm Jersey - Team NTT

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Brand new Assos RX Warm short sleeve jersey from the World Tour Team NTT Pro Cycling*. Made for the 2020 season. The Assos...
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Brand new Assos RX Warm short sleeve jersey from the World Tour Team NTT Pro Cycling*. Made for the 2020 season.

The Assos RX warm jersey is inspired by the aero jersey and the warmer long sleeve jersey for spring and fall rides. This combination gives a jersey perfect for colder rides where freedom of movement and warmth is of the highest priority. The front of the jersey is made of Assos RX fabric which is made to function as an insulator while also blocking cold wind. The back of the jersey is inspired and made of the same textile as the short sleeve aero jersey from Assos, the Equipe RS. The Stabilizator V7 textile is incorporated, which stabilizes the jersey with its limited vertical-stretch composition, especially when the pockets are loaded up. The aggressive in-saddle position pros take also inspired material choice for the sleeves and upper back panel, which needed to be as buttery smooth and flexible as possible. The fine-gauge warp knit Push-Pull textile was just the ticket, providing high UV protection along with its quick-drying, bi-stretch properties.

This particular jersey is from the second part of the season where WAOO came in as a sponsor.


  • Brand new
  • Made for colder rides
  • Insulating RX fabric at the front
  • Breathable and stabilizing Stabilizator V7 fabric at the rear
  • Triple-ramp 3-pocket system
  • Racing fit

*Team NTT Pro Cycling is a World Tour Team competing at the highest level in the cycling world. A successful team with stage wins in Giro d'Italia, Tour Down Under, Paris-Nice and the European Championships. Team NTT has several well-known team profiles, including Roman Kreuziger, Michael Valgren, Edvald Boasson Hagen, the South African national road race champion Ryan Gibbons and the European time trial champion Victor Campenaerts.

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