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Rebel Rocket 45 Disc Carbon Clincher wheelset


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REBEL ROCKET 45Going beyond High-end When high-end is not enough, where do you turn to?The Rocket is the answer to that qu...
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Going beyond High-end

When high-end is not enough, where do you turn to?
The Rocket is the answer to that question and Rebels take on an ultra-lightweight über high-performance wheel, where Cutting Edge Technology and a “No Compromise approach” has been the guiding theme and philosophy.

The spokes used in the Rocket are made of carbon with an aerodynamic profile and weighs only 2.6 grams each. Compared to traditional steel spokes, this is two to three times lower compared to conventional steel spokes!
Using carbon spokes also translates into higher stiffness and greater tensile strength, which provides optimal maximum power transfer and, therefore, in the end, gives a competitive advantage in all-out sprints and high power climbs.
The carbon spokes are fully serviceable and can be replaced and trued, just like any ordinary spoke.
Due to the design of the carbon spokes, an off-the-shelf hub will not do. Therefore, the hub is custom-designed with reliability, ease of use, durability, and lightweight-ness as guiding principles. The hub is equipped with a fast engagement 4-pawls system. Surely, the hub supports all major body systems.

The Rocket wheelset is built with CeramicSpeed bearings.
CeramicSpeed bearings are recognized as some of the – if not – the world’s best ceramic bearings and have for several years now been an integral part of professional cycling and is the ultimate weapon for lowering rolling resistance to an absolute minimum.

The Rocket rim uses Ultra Smooth Molding technology to reduce the rim weight and ensure rigidity when racing. This also means a smoother rim surface and finish.

When combining carbon spokes, a custom lightweight hub with Ceramic Speed bearings, and a light, high-quality carbon rim, the outcome is quite remarkable.

The question of going lightweight or going aero is no longer necessary. The Rebel Rocket can do both.
Want to rip and tear all the KOMs, utterly destroy all the Strava segments, spread havoc in bike races, hit high speeds, and attract many envious looks? Look no further!
The Rocket is the Ultimate Choice!


  • Brand new
  • 45mm profile
  • Dimension: 28mm External, 21mm internal
  • Dual Fit – Clincher and Tubeless compatible
  • Custom Designed Lightweight straight pull hub with 4-pawls system
  • CeramicSpeed Bearings
  • Carbon spokes
  • Spoke Count: 20/20
  • Weight: 1380g. (Front: 620 g. / Rear: 760 g.) (without tire/tube, quick-releases and cassette)
  • Weight Limit: 120 kg. limit
  • Brake track temperature limit: No limit
  • Tubeless tape


  • 1000 days warranty
  • Rebel Crash replacement program

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